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It might be that you’re a start-up, or that you’ve previously thought you didn’t need it – but you find your company without social media and don’t know how to go about setting it up.

Launching social media may seem as simple as choosing a Twitter name, creating a LinkedIn page and just posting what comes into your mind, or flooding your page with sales messages, it’s not that easy. Sorry. You could go down this route but honestly, in two months’ time you’ll be looking at your engagement figures and wondering why you’re not seeing results.

If you want to set up your social channels in a way that works for you, will reach your target audience and creates meaningful results, we can help.

We work with brands of all sizes to help them to understand what is possible for them across social media.

We’ll help you to establish:
  • What social channels suit your brand

  • What your strategy should be for each platform

  • How to utilise the social space to build your brand, not just your following

  • How to deliver posts to your audience that really make an impact

  • If it’s direct sales you are after, we’ll help you work that one out too

Sound good? Get in touch for a chat and we’ll take you through how we can help.

Our process

We don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to social – every company is different, so it makes sense that their approach to social is too.

Depending on your industry, your goals and your target audience, you’ll need a way of working designed specifically for you – and that is what we provide. We need to meet with you to get an understanding of each of these before we can put together a package that really suits you, not just the one that we have set out on our site.

So, this is what we do to kick things off… We’d like to meet with you to talk through your requirements.  We’ll then work together to build you out a package that meets your needs, at the budget that works for you. If you like the sound of it, we kick off with things, if not you’re free to find another supplier with no charge coming your way.

Ready to get started? Give us a call or ping us an email.


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