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Reviewing an Entire Industry

Hydrogenetics™ social scoring gives you the ability to look at everything from a single brand to an entire industry.  If you are about to launch a product or service in a new marketplace, this is for you.

Whatever stage of development you are at, from initial funding rounds to newly launched, getting a view of the entire industry can be vital.

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Why would you get a Hydrogenetics™ report?


Quite simply, the ability to understand the market better.  Whether you have an existing business and want to understand how you stand up against the competition or you are thinking of launching a new product and want to understand the marketplace better, a Hydrogenetics™ report will provide you with a complete picture.

From an industry report you'll understand:

  • What areas your brand could improve in vs where the competition excels

  • What types of content work for them

  • What topics are trending at the moment within your audience

  • What is driving positive conversation and what's driving negativity

The key benefit for you is that the report is bespoke to your needs.  Unlike other insight mechanisms, we'll listen to your requriements for the report, review the competitors you want us to and report on the numbers you need.

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