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What we do



What is Hydrogenetics™?

Ever wondered how your company social media presences compare to the competition?  Have an idea that you could be performing a little better but not sure the areas to concentrate on?

That's where Hydrogenetics™ comes in...

Our trademarked Hydrogenetics™ approach provides a breakdown of your brand’s social media DNA.  By analysing over XX different elements that build up your overall social media presence, we gather a full picture of your performance against competitors and break this down into your own personalised Social Media DNA report and scorecard.

Here's the type of things we review:

  • Your overall presence setup

  • The content that your brand delivers

  • The engagement levels you achieve

  • Your brand interaction with the audience

  • Your performance in the overall sector

  • The sentiment towards the brand

Industry Benchmarking Reports

Entering into a new market or simply want to understand your place in the overall sector? 

This is where an in-depth industry benchmark report could help. By understanding how the competition is performing, the areas in which they could improve and therefore potential areas for your brand to exploit, you are able to make informed decisions about your future social marketing approach. With a Hydrogenetics™ report, you can choose up to four competitors to benchmark against.

Industry benchmark reports include:

  • Cross-industry performance leagues

  • Industry trends & insights

  • Highlights & lowlights

  • Future opportunities

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We know that your requirements might be a little complex to explain in an email.  If you are not sure as to what you might need or just need that little extra give our team a call on the number below:

London: 0203 051 3365

Glasgow: 0141 530 1236

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