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You’ve been posting to social media with differing levels of success, but when you look back at your feed you see the posts don’t have anything in common. Maybe they don’t have a consistent tone of voice, maybe you don’t have a plan in place about what to post, or maybe you don’t know what channels to be on.

It’s a common problem: while you know you need social media, you’re not sure how to make the most of it or if your social market is the same as your offline marketing. This is why you need a social media strategy in place, to make the most of your social.

We work with brands from the UK’s largest to small ambitious businesses to help them to understand what is possible for them on social.



We’ll help you to establish:

  • What social channels are best for your objectives

  • A tone of voice for each of your channels

  • A social media channels strategy

  • Plans for going forward and measuring success


Interested? Get in touch for a chat and we’ll take you through how we can help you create a social media marketing strategy.

Our process

You may have visited other social media agency websites where you are asked to select a ‘package’, choosing to pay a certain amount for a set number of posts a month.  Fundamentally we just find this the wrong way to go about things.

At Hydrogen, we believe we need to meet with you to get a full understanding of your needs and requirements before we can put together a social media package that really suits you, not just make you choose from a few pre-set options. After all, we need to know about you and your needs before we can help you to build a strategy that suits you.

If you’d like us to handle your social media management for you once we’re created the social strategy, that’s great, if you’d like to handle it yourself, that’s fine too.

Contact us to find out how we can help.


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