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What is Hydrogenetics™?

Hydrogenetics™ is a trademarked social media analytics report that benchmarks your social performance against that of your competitors.

Using our unique algorithm, our dedicated social media insights team create a personalised report for you, based on your needs. The report provides a snapshot of where you currently sit in the market, as well as providing tailored recommendations for your social media strategy.

Why do I need a Hydrogenetics™ report for my brand?

Quite simply, to understand the social media market better.

Whether you have an existing business and want to know how you stand up against the competition or you are thinking of launching a new product and want to understand the marketplace better, a Hydrogenetics™ report will provide you with a complete picture of of the social media marketplace.

Hydrogenetics™ social media report will show you:

  • How you are performing in your market

  • Where you rank against your competitors with our Hydrogenetics scorecard

  • Who your audiences are on social media

  • What content works best   

  • Where your brand can improve

  • What people are saying about your brand on social media

The key benefit for you is that the report is bespoke to your needs.  Unlike other insight mechanisms, we'll listen to your requirements for the report, review the competitors you want us to and report on the numbers you need.

By taking a fully independent look at what is performing well, areas of improvement, and setting a baseline level, you will have everything you need to take your social media to the next level.

Who is Hydrogenetics™ for?

Whatever stage of development you are at, from initial funding rounds to fully established, getting a view of the entire industry can be vital.

A Hydrogenetics™ report is useful for any company who wants to see how their social media is performing against competitors.

Just starting out and want to see what is working for competitors and what channels you should focus on? We can help.

An SME wanting to prove the benefits of social media to your director? We can show exactly how it works and what others in your industry are doing.

An international company looking to compare your internal brands' social presenses? We can provide an un-biased opinion.

How is my Hydrogenetics™ score measured/calculated?

Just like your own DNA, we believe that social media DNA is made up of a lot of different factors, and a Hydrogenetics™ report looks to encapsulate this all.

Our trademarked approach to analytics combines social listening with social media monitoring – measuring over 40 different factors – to review your overall presence setup, the content your brand delivers, your engagement and brand interaction, the sentiment towards your brand, your performance in the overall sector and more.

Your Hydrogenetics™ score is made up of four main pillars which combine a number of social performance metrics.

You and your competitors are scored out of 25 for each of the pillars (platform, output, engagements and conversation), to receive an overall score out of 100. By measuring multiple factors for each of the four pillars, you can get a true oversight on how you are performing in the social sphere.

As well as your final score out of 100, you will be able to see where you rank against competitors for each pillar: showing the areas where you are outperforming, as well as where there is room for improvement. This provides you with clarity and an at-a-glance view of where you should focus your efforts.

What does a Hydrogenetics™ report include?

There are two different levels of Hydrogenetics™ report, depending on your needs.


Hydrogenetics™ Lite

Perfect if you’re looking for a snapshot of your current position in the market. The Hydrogenetics™ Lite report is ideal for those about to embark on a new social strategy, launch a new campaign, or wants to know how they are performing.

  • Scorecard of your position against chosen competitors

  • How you rank on each of the four pillars

  • What works well for you, and how you could improve

  • An overview with recommendations


Full Hydrogenetics™ report

Perfect for brands who want to fully benchmark themselves against competitors and want a strategy to overcome any issues. The full Hydrogenetics™ report is ideal for a brand who thinks they need to change their social strategy but needs a bit of help to do it.

  • Scorecard of your position against chosen competitors

  • How you rank on each of the four pillars

  • A full deep-dive report into how you perform on all social channels

  • A full deep-dive report into how each of your competitors perform on all social channels

  • An in-depth comparison so you can see where you excel, and where there is room for improvement

  • An overview with recommendations

How is Hydrogenetics™ better than an automated report?

Some sites promise you automated reports, where you just punch in your social handles and it spits out a basic report within minutes. However, a Hydrogenetics™ report combines our automated algorithm with a manual review of your channels – this means we can accurately report on the metrics that matter, alongside creative ideas and opportunities for improvement.


By mixing automated and manual approaches, we can make sure that your report truly matches your needs. 

What time frame does Hydrogenetics™ cover? Can I choose?

Normally, we suggest a report covering a three month period: we feel that just one month can be too short and doesn’t allow for full insights. However, you can choose how long you want to cover, up to six months.

Will my score change over time?

Yes: your score will naturally change as your audience size, content and other factors change.

How long will it take to receive my Hydrogenetics™ report?

One of our dedicated insights team will work to create a bespoke report based on your needs. This means that it can take up to a month to receive your report.

If you have a deadline in mind, please let us know and we will aim to accommodate.

Which social networks do you analyse?

This depends on what platforms you want us to analyse! Normally we cover Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, however we can analyse most channels.

Currently, we cannot benchmark on WeChat.

Can I choose who I benchmark against?

Yes – we recommend choosing four or five companies to benchmark against. if you wish to benchmark against more than six competitors, this may incur additional cost due to the time involved.

While most businesses choose direct competitors, some have chosen to benchmark different brands in their company against each other.     

Who uses it?

Brands such as SSE, the Royal National Scottish Orchestra (RSNO), Ashurst and AXA have received Hydrogenetics™ reports.

To allow us to fully benchmark and provide actionable results, we recommend that the social media accounts should be active for at least 6 months before the report is carried out.

Do I need to be a client of Hydrogen to use Hydrogenetics™?

Not at all! While we do provide Hydrogenetics™ reports for our clients, we also offer them as a standalone product.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Hydrogenetics™ report depends on how many brands you want to benchmark against, as well as any additional variables you may have. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

Can I arrange to have my score calculated on an ongoing basis?

Yes, of course! Some clients get a full Hydrogenetics™ report twice a year to check their progress.

For Hydrogenetics™ Lite, we offer a discount if you would like your score recalculated on a monthly basis. You would receive your updated score, and insight into what has changed over the past month. This can help you see where you have made improvements.

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