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Why should you use Hydrogenetics Social Scoring?



Discover which of your channels and content themes perform best - and where there is room for improvement.



See where you rank against competitors of your choosing on four different pillars. 



Track audience and insight trends to optimise your performance.



Update or develop a social media strategy to take your learnings forward.

The most common reasons our clients use Hydrogenetics™ are:

  1. To see how they are performing against competitors

  2. To discover what is working well and areas of improvement

  3. To set a baseline when embarking on a new strategy

Your particular reasons may vary, and we’re happy to work with you to define your requirements and establish a reporting structure that works for you.

Whatever your requirements, a Hydrogenetics™ report will let you clearly benchmark your social performance, discover what consumers are saying about you, and provide deep-learning insights.

What is Hydrogenetics?

Hydrogenetics™ is a trademarked social media analytics report that benchmarks your social performance against that of your competitors.

Using our unique algorithm, our dedicated social media insights team create a personalised report for you, based on your needs. The report provides a snapshot of where you currently sit in the market, as well as providing tailored recommendations for your social media strategy.

Why Hydrogenetics?

There are so many tools out there – so why use this?

Unlike other social scoring systems, we do not simply use machines and algorithms to determine whether your performance is good or not: our specialist team also plays a large role. Hydrogenetics™ combines automated tools to calculate reach and engagement with a manual review of all channels, carried out by our skilled insights specialists. This means we can accurately report on content themes and sentiment, as well as providing opportunities for improvement.

By mixing automated and manual approaches, we can make sure that your report truly matches your needs. 

How is my Hydrogenetics score calculated?

Your Hydrogenetics™ score is calculated out of 100, based on your results from four main pillars which combine a number of social performance metrics.


You and your competitors are scored out of 25 for each of the pillars (platform, output, engagements and conversation), to receive an overall score out of 100. By measuring multiple factors for each of the four pillars, you can get a true oversight on how you are performing in the social sphere.


This pillar examines how a brand presents itself on the platforms most relevant to its industry. Scoring will assess platform presence, activity, audience and branding.


This pillar assesses the levels of post engagement that a brand receives, on each platform that is utilised. What is driving engagement is also considered in this pillar, and the quality of engagement for each brand’s posts.


This pillar audits the content that a brand produces on its social channels. It covers post frequency, media utilisation (e.g. video, images) and the variety in content themes used that are relevant to the brand's industry.


This pillar analyses external communication surrounding a brand. Utilising social listening, volumes of conversation, levels of sentiment towards a brand and the influence of those that mention a brand are all considered.

What Hydrogenetics report do I need?

There are two different levels of Hydrogenetics™ report, depending on your needs.


Hydrogenetics™ Lite is designed for those looking for a snapshot of their current position in the social media market. The Hydrogenetics™ Lite report is ideal for those about to embark on a new social strategy, launching a new campaign, or who just wants to know how they are performing.

 A full Hydrogenetics™ report is designed for brands who want to fully benchmark their social media against competitors and want a strategy to overcome any issues. The full Hydrogenetics™ report is ideal for a brand who thinks they need to change their social strategy but needs a bit of help to do it.

Discover what each option includes in the table below.

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