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Understand the social DNA of your brand presence.


Why should you use Hydrogenetics Social Scoring?

The most common reasons our clients use Hydrogenetics™ are:

  1. To see how they are performing against competitors

  2. To discover what is working well and areas of improvement

  3. To set a baseline when embarking on a new strategy

Your particular reasons may vary, and we’re happy to work with you to define your requirements and establish a reporting structure that works for you.

Whatever your requirements, a Hydrogenetics™ report will let you clearly benchmark your social performance, discover what consumers are saying about you, and provide deep-learning insights.

About Us

What is Hydrogenetics?

Hydrogenetics™ is a trademarked social media analytics report that benchmarks your social performance against that of your competitors.

Using our unique algorithm, our dedicated social media insights team create a personalised report for you, based on your needs. The report provides a snapshot of where you currently sit in the market, as well as providing tailored recommendations for your social media strategy.

Why Hydrogenetics™?

There are so many tools out there – so why use this?

Unlike other social scoring systems, we do not simply use machines and algorithms to determine whether your performance is good or not, we use our specialist team. Hydrogenetics™ combines automated tools to calculate reach and engagement with a manual review of all channels. This means we can accurately report on content themes and sentiment, as well as providing opportunities for improvement.

By mixing automated and manual approaches, we can make sure that your report truly matches your needs. 


They've got more followers than us, their posts get more engagements than ours...  Do these statements resonate when you look at your competition on social media?

Hydrogenetics social scoring provides a unique view on the social lanscape allowing you to evenly review the competitive arena.  Through Hydrogenetics, we will provide you with a report into your performance, highlighting areas for improvement, areas that you excel in and deliver you a social scorecard.

This unique scorecard will allow you to review your company performance against the best in the business, drawing on what works for them to improve your overall social presences.

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If you have no interest in the competition, but still feel that there are areas in which you could improve, a Hydrogenetics Social Scoring exercise is the answer.

Your social scorecard will break down your overall company performance into 4 areas:

  • Outbound content

  • Competitor landscape performance

  • Inbound responses

  • Indirect mentions of the brand

This information is collated into a final scorecard for your brand, giving you a clear indicator of your performance.


Kicking off a new social strategy for the business can be an exciting time for any business.  But, how will you measure whether it has had an impact on your overall social presence?  Especially if sales are not an objective?

Before kicking off any social media activity we would always recommend setting a baseline to benchmark any improvement as a result of your new strategy.

The difference with this baseline activity is that you receive more than just a score, you'll get clear instructions on the areas that need improvement to ensure any new strategy focuses on them.

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